Newport Beach Estate Planning Attorney

Exceptional Background

Estate planning attorney Star Lopez manages the firm’s estate planning practice, focusing on Orange County clients in the Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and San Clemente areas. Star’s unique background, which includes advanced tax law and business degrees from top programs as well as elite law firm experience, allows the firm to assist clients with a wide range of estate planning needs. From the simplest trust to the most complex comprehensive estate plan, we assess each client’s specific situation and tailor the plan to his or her desired outcome. We help our clients to recognize the value of their estates and clarify how they wish to retain and/or pass that value on to future generations.

Unique Approach

Giving our clients personal attention, we sit down with them to thoroughly understand their background and concerns. No one-size-fits-all. Every client is special and unique. Working together with each individual, we collaboratively identify the best means to attain their goals. While some clients’ needs are met by a revocable living trust, other clients require more advanced estate planning to maximize tax benefits or account for unique family situations, from divorce to children with special needs.

Our Mission

We aim to provide our clients with peace of mind and a sense of control over their estate during all stages of their lives. Whether it be by maintaining their privacy in lieu of probate or passing the value of their estate to charities and loved ones, our clients are able to achieve a sense of ease.

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