Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week Is This Week! Hooray?
Permanent Injunction Imposed on Las Vegas Couple Involved in Illegal Tax Scheme

In Honor of Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week… a Roundup of Local Cases

There are always plenty of Stolen Identity Refund Fraud prosecutions going on, but here are some recent ones of local interest:

A Utah woman pleaded guilty to using TINs of deceased Californians found on a website to file false tax returns. Via News Report here.

A former IRS employee and Oakland resident pleaded guilty to filing false tax returns, using the PII (personal identifying information) of clients of Kwiktax, where she worked as a return preparer.   Via News report here.

In Berkeley, a vehicle search by the local law enforcement led to a guilty plea with the feds for filing false tax returns using stolen identities. (It should be noted that this manner of discovering the conduct is fairly common.)  Via  News report here.


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