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The Newport Beach Office of Daniel W. Layton, Esq.

Our coastal Orange County office is located in Newport Beach, near the intersection of the 73 and 55 freeways.

City of Newport Beach Tax Profile

For its size, Newport Beach is a substantial tax contributor to Orange County and the State of California. The sales tax rate within the city is 7.75%, which is lower than most cities in Orange County and Los Angeles County, being only 1.75% higher than the state base rate of 6.0%, with 0.25% being imposed by the county. However, although Newport Beach was ranked only 33rd in the 2015 California Retail Survey, many of the cities finishing ahead of it, such as Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Irvine, were more than triple the population size. Like other cities, there are "hotel" taxes known as "transit occupancy taxes" (TOT) of 9% and a Visitor Service Fee which brings the total up to 10%.

According to the City of Newport Beach's website, property taxes are the single largest source of revenues for the city. Individual rates for property taxes within the city vary, but are typically around 1.05%.

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