IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Attorneys in Orange County

Innocent Spouse Relief is a special area of focus for Layton & Lopez, Tax Attorneys, LLP's Orange County law office.  Divorces and separations are stressful and trying life events.  Unfortunately, even though you may have an agreement or a judgment of dissolution in which your ex-husband agreed to be responsible for any unpaid taxes, the IRS will not automatically respect that agreement.  When your ex-husband doesn't pay the joint taxes, the IRS can still aggressively pursue liens, levies, and garnishments against you.  Unless you can separate yourself from the tax liabilities and make the IRS collect against your ex-husband only, the tax liabilities can prevent you from a fresh start, hurt your credit, and keep you under the dark cloud of tax debt for years to come.

Innocent Spouse Relief may also be an option for recently widowed individuals who have been left with crippling tax debt following the passing of their deceased spouses.

Tax Attorney Daniel W. Layton takes special pride in his success in obtaining innocents spouse relief.  Daniel started his career as a trial attorney for the IRS, a tenure in which he handled every Innocent Spouse Relief trial in Central California and every Innocent Spouse Relief Tax Court case in the IRS's Silicon Valley office.   Since starting his own law firm several years ago, Daniel has used that knowledge for the benefit of his divorced or widowed clients.  Daniel's trial work has been the basis for advancements in Innocent Spouse case law in United States Tax Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, but his most gratifying experience in recent memory was obtaining a hard fought settlement with the IRS in which it eventually provided full tax relief - a concession of over $300,000 in taxes, interest, and penalties - and the release of a federal tax lien against his client's home.

Innocent Spouse Relief is not an entitlement or automatic.  It is one of the few places in the Internal Revenue Service's guidelines and in the tax laws where the government must consider equity and fairness.  Many taxpayers, representatives, and even IRS employees think it is impossible to get Innocent Spouse Relief when you receive reasonable alimony or assets from the divorce, or if there is no physical abuse.  Daniel has fought hard and obtained relief even when alimony was substantial (by IRS employee standards) and there was no allegation of physical abuse.

Daniel uses his years of experience persuading the IRS, fighting for taxpayers, and advocating zealously for his clients' interests in a way that only an experienced Innocent Spouse Relief attorney can.  If you are considering Innocent Spouse Relief or other "fresh start" options, such as an Offer in Compromise, you can contact Layton & Lopez, Tax Attorneys, LLP, today for a consultation at (949) 301-9829.