Former IRS Trial Attorney.
Ex-Federal Tax Prosecutor.
2020 OC Bar Association Tax Chair.
California Tax Attorney Since 2005.

Daniel W. Layton, Esq.
Founder, DWL Tax Law

Skillful and Competent Tax Defense.

Tax Attorney | Orange County - Newport Beach

Tax attorney, Orange County (Newport Beach) The 2020 and 2016 Chair of the Orange County Bar Association's Tax Section, a former IRS trial attorney, an ex-federal prosecutor, and counsel to a Vault 100 nationally-ranked law firm with 15 years of dedicated tax controversy experience, Daniel W. Layton founded DWL Tax Law to provide the highest level of tax defense to his clients. Whether it is an IRS audit, FTB, EDD, or sales/use tax matters, liens or levies, or a criminal tax investigation, hiring the right law firm is a critical step in protecting your rights and your business. In the words of some of our clients:*
"As in-house counsel, I have to deal often with outside counsel. Some are not so good about communicating the status of the case or what the strategy should be in light of new events. Mr. Layton, however, was exceptional.... I did not have to worry that my case was being handled in a competent manner...." PS [].

"...I found 3 attorneys, made contact with all three, and settled on Daniel because of his professional experience, academic background, his highly professional interpersonal skills which allowed him to understand very quickly the predicament I was in and swiftly take actions to stop collections. ...Quite frankly Daniels work saved my retirement and was I felt 'life saving.'..." AMF [Google Local].

"...Daniel Layton was our main client contact, and he worked very closely with us. We did everything he told us to do, and we were able to reach a reasonable agreement with the IRS. We tried two other law firms before them, which resulted in wasted money...." KG [Google Local].

"Mr. Layton is an exceptional tax attorney that resolved problems that 3 so-called CPA's couldn't, with just a simple letter. Exceptional tax attorney." DR [Google Local]

"For many years we we had been searching for a competent attorney to assist us in getting some form of resolution to a tax issue we were facing. Daniel Layton came highly recommended from many individuals within our community. ...our outcome exceeded our expectations." GR [Yelp]
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Ex-Federal Prosecutor & Ex-IRS Tax Attorney in Orange County

Starting his tax controversy career in 2005, tax attorney Daniel W. Layton worked for the IRS as a tax trial attorney and for the Department of Justice as a criminal tax prosecutor for the better part of a decade. As founder of DWL Tax Law in Newport Beach, Mr. Layton defends his Orange County clients using his unique insights to keep the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board in check. Mr. Layton has exceptional knowledge of the tools used by the IRS and FTB in audits, collections, and criminal tax investigations, and of their legal limits, having trained the IRS’s agents and officers in how to do their jobs. Using that knowledge, he anticipates the IRS's next steps and responds with the most effective strategy.

Many tax attorneys' experience stops short of trial because they settle virtually every case, which may embolden the government to force an unfavorable settlement. Mr. Layton has trial experience in criminal and civil fraud cases, innocent spouse cases, imputed income cases, business deduction cases, real estate income and expense cases, and beyond. Mr. Layton has also successfully defended and resolved a litany of cases through motion-work. His work in U.S. Tax Court and U.S. District Court has resulted in over 30 reported opinions and more than 100 cases resolved by motion, trial, or stipulated decision ranging from full grants of innocent spouse relief to a money judgment of over 250 million dollars. Mr. Layton earned his law degree at the University of Chicago and his graduate tax law degree in San Francisco.

What is IRS Audit Reconsideration (Featured Tax Article)

What Is IRS Audit Reconsideration? IRS Audit Reconsideration is a procedure the Internal Revenue Service offers which allows individuals and businesses to submit previously unconsidered documentation and information to reduce a post-audit tax assessment. This procedure is available after the audit but before the tax has been fully-paid, and requires the additional documentation and information to be submitted at the time of the audit reconsideration request.... (click here to continue reading on IRS Audit Reconsideration).

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Special Focus: Discharge of Taxes in Bankruptcy

Counsel with the firm, Tamar Terzian has over 12 years of unique experience in litigating the discharge of federal tax and state tax liabilities in bankruptcy court. Mrs. Terzian's prior experience includes working as a trial attorney in the Tax Division of the Los Angeles federal prosecutor's office and as a judicial law clerk in United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California. From her time in government and private practice, she has earned a reputation in bankruptcy courts throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside as a competent, zealous, and sophisticated lawyer. Mrs. Terzian has represented a variety of clients ranging from small business owners to large companies with over $100 million in assets.

Mrs. Terzian's practice in DWL Tax Law focuses on Chapter 11 cases and cases involving the discharge of large tax liabilities.

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