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What is CSED (IRS)?
IRS makes it easier to set up payment agreements; offers other relief to taxpayers struggling with tax debts

DWL Tax Law’s New FAQ’s – July 2020 Edition

Will the US Tax Court Stay Proceedings If There Is a Potential Criminal Case Pending?

If there is a legitimate fear that a criminal case could be impacted by ongoing civil proceedings, many courts, including the United States Tax Court, may stay the civil case, at least temporarily. Click here for more…

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News: Handling IRS Summonses for HIPAA Medical Records.

Although doctors, dentists, and others in the medical profession are familiar with the requirements of HIPAA, some IRS Revenue Officers and Revenue Agents are not well-versed in the privacy protections of the act. When a doctor, dentist, or psychiatrist receives a request for medical records (e.g., by way of an IRS summons) it will be incumbent on the health care professional to ensure that the IRS request complies with the disclosure requirements for HIPAA or to educate the agent on the acceptability of alternative (or redacted) records. Click here for more…

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