Sales Tax Consultant, Orange County/Newport Beach - Ex-BOE/CDTFA Auditor

Sales Tax Consultant, Orange County/Newport Beach
Ex-BOE/CDTFA Sales Tax Auditor
Marc Brandeis, CPA

Orange County, California sales tax consultant Marc Brandeis, CPA (non-attorney), is a former senior California sales tax and use tax auditor with the BOE (now known as the CDTFA - California Department of Tax & Fee Administration) with over 20 years of dedicated sales/use tax experience. Mr. Brandeis is the owner of Brandeis & Associates, LLC, which provides sales tax consultant services to the firm under independent contract. He represents Orange County businesses at all stages of use tax and sales tax audits, appeals, and administrative board hearing, having notable experience before the Office of Tax Appeals and, formerly, the Board of Equalization. Though not an attorney, Mr. Brandeis's contributions to the Orange County tax law community earned him the Orange County Bar Association Tax Law Section Award in 2018.

(949) 301-9829.

Mr. Brandeis began his career as a Tax Auditor with the California State Board of Equalization in their Santa Ana district office in 1999. During that time, he audited businesses in a variety of industries to ensure their compliance with sales and use tax laws and regulations. In 2005, after receiving a promotion to Senior Tax Auditor, he left state service to work as a consultant in a “Big Four” public accounting firm.

Mr. Brandeis earned his B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and is a licensed certified public accountant. He is the co-author, with tax attorney Daniel Layton, of South Dakota V. Wayfair: From International Shoe to Interstate Sales Tax, Orange County Lawyer,September 2018 (Vol. 60 No. 9), p. 33.

Mr. Brandeis, CPA, is independently contracted with the firm due to the extensive experience and expertise he brings to clients of our Newport Beach and Orange County tax attorney offices.

California's sales and use tax laws and the internal procedures used by the CDTFA to enforce those laws are complex and constantly evolving. California sales and use tax auditors can reach unfair results when a business without expert representation does not fully understand its rights or responsibilities. When our Newport Beach and Orange County clients encounter a California sales tax or California use tax issue, whether local or multi-state, Mr. Brandeis helps our firm bring over 20-years of dedicated sales and use tax experience to level the playing field.

Mr. Brandeis's areas of focus include:

  • Sales and use tax audit defense
  • Credit and refund analysis
  • Letter rulings
  • Nexus reviews
  • Resale and exemptions certificate management
  • Single and multi-state sales and use tax applicability research
  • Voluntary disclosures
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